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It's a known fact that you cannot 'go it alone' in any business. You need the tools and the resources to make your business successful. You NEED to track your results, you NEED qualified buyers! You NEED our products in order to be successful..

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Here are the great products that you receive with your NPN subscription:

Please note that all of our products and systems are designed and developed "in-house", which means they
are all internal systems integrated with the NPN. i.e. We're NOT like a lot of programs promoting
their "advertising systems", when really they're just selling you outside links to other systems.

URL Tracking System / URL Rotator!

"Our URL Redirect System is a state-of-the-art online program where you can setup an unlimited number of rotators/redirectors and links within those rotators!

With our URL Rotator/Redirector, you can advertise any number of URL's through one single link! You can enter an unlimited number of URL's into the system and every hit delivered through your rotator link will instantly be transported to any one of your URL's! Full real-time stats are included to track exactly how many hits are delivered to each of your URL's. This tool works magic when sending all types of traffic - 404 traffic, start-page traffic, email signature traffic, or if you're doing advertising for any number of websites... think about it!

The NPN Browser Toolbar!

Download and install our very own NPN browser toolbar and you'll receive "instant notifications" from Admin for important NPN updates, new "first-alert" announcements, and other important communications!

Our Toolbar also has convenient links to all NPN-related websites to ensure you're always just "one click away" from logging in to your backoffice, checking your stats, or getting tech support. The toolbar also has great features added like a Google search box, a pop-up blocker, browser cash/history cleaner, and a great email notification utility!
Multi-Business Builder!

Within our backoffice you can advertise up to 5 of your OWN affiliate programs to the other NPN subscribers! Basically you're building your own business builder within the NPN, advertise your other businesses or products so you can develop multiple streams of income!

Unlimited Banner Impressions!

Join the NPN and you'll be able to advertise in our Unlimited Banner Rotator! We rotate banners on our main sites and also throughout our member's area as well. As a member you'll be able to add 3 of your banners for free and have no limits on how many impressions or click thru's you'll receive!! That's FREE unlimited advertising for 3 of your best products!

Note that since your banners are displayed to paying NPN members - they will get the clicks!!

NPN Followup Autoresponder!

We have a number of capture pages that grab the attention of your prospect and when they enter their information into "get more information" form, they get forwarded to YOUR affiliate site, plus their information gets entered into our autoresponder, sending them hard-hitting sales letters all with your affiliate ID embedded in them. This is by far the most popular way to advertise the NPN!

NPN "Invite-a-Friend Blaster!

We have our very own blaster for those of you that have a list of leads that you'd like to introduce to the NPN. Simple enter your list of email addresses into our blaster and after one more click.. they've instantly been sent an excellent personalized letter that includes your name and ID.


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